Our Team

The diversity of our team’s highly qualified skill set ensures that we can conduct and excel on any research project related to nutrition and health, and communicate it in the most engaging and impactful way- with both our words, and our visuals.

Flavia Fayet-Moore
PhD, MNutrDiet, APD, RNutr, FASLM

Flavia leads a team of highly skilled researchers to conduct end to end nutrition and communications projects. Flavia obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto, and both her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics and PhD in nutrition from the University of Sydney. She is a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia, the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, a founding board member and fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Flavia is passionate about improving the health of Australians, especially among children and adolescents, through research and its communication.

Tim Cassettari
BSc(Hons), BAppSc, APD
Tim leads the delivery of world-class nutrition research and communications projects.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian with 10+ years experience, Tim has an outstanding track record in health communications, nutrition research, event management, food regulations, product innovation, team leadership and project management. His experience includes developing nutrition strategies, managing consumer and healthcare professional communication campaigns, conducting systematic reviews for health claims, and developing food education programs, for many of Australia’s largest food brands. Overseeing a team of 20+ nutrition researchers and communicators at Nutrition Research Australia, Tim contributes to the senior management of all NRAUS projects.

Tim is a highly regarded writer and speaker, presenting regularly at businesses and being an invited speaker at scientific conferences.

Kylie Abbott
PhD, BNutrDiet, APD

Kylie, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, lends her stellar research skills to identify and support NRAUS research, education, and communications proposals and projects to ensure they reflect the most recent, relevant, and valid evidence. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Kylie is a Casual Academic at the University of Newcastle, an affiliate researcher with the Hunter Medical Research Institute, and is active in the Nutrition Society of Australia, the Australian Diabetes Association, and the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance.

Michelle Blumfield
PhD, BNutrDiet (Hons), APD

Michelle, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, has extensive experience as a researcher in maternal and child health and as a research project manager. Michelle works closely with the NRAUS research delivery teams to ensure efficient and integrous day-to-day research operations. Michelle further provides mentorship to researchers to support their professional development. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Michelle currently holds an honorary appointment at Monash University.

Jutta Wright
BAppSc MNutrDiet GDipHerbMed.

Jutta, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Western Medical Herbalist, brings creativity and a wealth of experience over 25 years, to manage the day to day project tasks in the Department of Translational Science. Jutta has worked across diverse practice areas including clinical, community, private practice and food industry settings providing her with a unique level of corporate and consumer intimacy, that makes her client recommendations strong both in perception and tangible in execution. Jutta is a forward thinking nutritional professional, who is solution focused, a proactive collaborator, and integrates strategic thinking with consumer insight to elevate project work to the highest quality. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Jutta has her private practice, Natural Nutrition Coach.

Emily Duve

Emily, a Public Health Scientist, brings diverse research skills in the field of lifestyle and public health research to NRAUS. Emily contributes to both the delivery of nutrition and health research, communications, and educational projects. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Emily is a Research Assistant at the University of Sydney.

Carlene Starck
PhD (Biochemistry)
Carlene is a New Zealand-based biochemist, and is highly passionate about the integrated role ofnutrition in health and the prevention of chronic disease.

Carlene is a Nutritional Biochemist, and brings a rich background of research expertise, particularly in the fields of metabolic health and the prevention of chronic disease, to NRAUS. Carlene contributes to nutrition and health research, as well as projects based in education and communication outcomes. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Carlene is affiliated with the Riddet Institute, a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence in food and related sciences. She also provides personalised and precision nutrition consultation services, and has been regularly invited to speak on behalf of key players in the NZ food industry.

Patrice Jones
PhD, RNutr Research Scientist.

Patrice, a Nutrition Scientist, brings expertise in nutritional epideimology and diverse experience in nutrigenetics, micronutrients, and consumer science. Patrice contributes to the delivery of nutrition and health research in the Department of Science. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Patrice is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Victoria University.

Elif Inan-Eroglu
BSc(NutrDiet), MSc (Food Quality and Management Systems), PhD.

Elif, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, has broad experience in clinical trials and nutritional epidemiology. As a volunteer, Elif leads and supports research projects within the Department of Science. In addition to her role at NRAUS, Elif is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney.

Data Analysts

NRAUS analysts bring extensive experience in the manipulation, preparation, analysis, and interpretation of data for health and nutrition research projects. All NRAUS data analysis is designed, execited and/or evaluated by qualified and highly experienced mathmaticians, analysts, and staticians.

Peter Petocz

Peter, an applied statistician with extensive experience working as an academic in various universities, contributes to NRAUS research projects including the design and execution of meta-analysis, meta-regression, and descriptive and advanced inferential statistics. Peter has been an elected member of the International Statistical Institute since 2004; and in addition to his role at NRAUS, Peter is an Associate Professor of Statistics at Macquarie University.

Tim Keighley
BSc (Hons)(Maths), MInfoTech

Tim, a data analyst with nearly 20-years experience in scientific research, contributes to NRAUS research projects including the design and execution of descriptive and advanced inferential statistics and data management plans. In addition to his role at NRAUS, Tim is a Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie University.

Topic Experts

Amanda Turbill
Senior bariatric and allergy dietitian
Dr Annabel Clancy
APD, PhD. Research Dietitian at the Centre for Digestive Diseases.
Dr Alan Barclay
APD, PhD. Consultant dietitian.
Alexandra Burke
Private practice gastroenterology dietitian
Brianna Fear-Keen
PD. Private Practice Business Coach at the Ambitious Dietitian.
Dr Clinton Schultz
Assistant Professor in Aboriginal Health, Registered Psychologist, and Organisational Consultant for Cultural Wellbeing at Marumali Consultations
Dr Jaimon Kelly
APD, PhD. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Griffith University.
Dr Joanna McMillan
Senior Research Fellow at La Trobe University, Fellow of the Australaisan Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and media consultant
Dr Jorja Collins
Lecturer at Monash University and Foodservice Dietitian at Eastern Health
Kathryn Nolan
Senior Teaching Fellow at Bond University
Dr Lillian Craggs-Dino
Consultant Bariatric Surgery Dietitian
Dr Russell Canavan
Deputy Clinical Director of Surgical, Anesthetics and Procedural Services (SAPS) at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
Scott Teasdale
APD, PhD. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales.
Dr Suzanne Pearson
APD, PhD. Scientific communications dietitian at Swisse Wellness.

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