After identifying a research gap with zero proof available on pink salt’s mineral composition, NRAUS funded the research independently to ensure Australians could make more informed choices.
The world-first study investigated 31 pink salt samples available for purchase in Australia (and one control white table salt) to analyse its mineral composition and potential nutritional benefits.
The research aimed to prove whether pink salt contains nutrients, if there is any risk of harmful contamination and if it can actually contribute any meaningful amount of nutrients to the Australian diet.
Key findings from the research show that pink salt contains unpredictable and varying levels of essential nutrients and harmful heavy metals, which make it inconsistent in nature.

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What People Say About NRAUS

“Over the years, the work that NRAUS conducts has become a reliable source of information that I look out for when I want quality research. The highly skilled and professional team of experts are talented at translating complex data and research into practical messages that resonate with everyone in the community.”
Catherine Saxelby, Dietitian and Author at Foodwatch Nutrition Centre
“I have worked collaboratively with Nutrition Research Australia and found Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore and her team to be highly professional and a pleasure to work with. They exhibit high levels of expertise in both nutrition science and communications. Their growing number of scientific publications demonstrates their scientific credibility and status as valued members of the nutrition research community.”
Nicole Senior , APD, Principal Nutrition Consultant, Professional Nutrition Services
“We work closely with health professionals, government and other bodies, to educate them on the health benefits of nuts and heighten their knowledge. It has always been a pleasure working with the team from NRAUS, who are able to scope new insights from the science, and help create unique messaging and future research and communication opportunities for us.”
Belinda Neville, Nutrition Manager and Dietician, Nuts For Life
“We’ve been working with Flavia and the NRAUS team for over 10 years now. The quality of work they’ve produced has always been of the highest calibre. They engage and collaborate with you from the start of a project to the very end (and beyond), ensuring that the work will uphold scientific credibility and robustness. The team always provide regular progress updates, which is really valuable for those longer-term projects.”
Dr Jean Kim, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Nestlé Australia