End to End Nutrition Research & Communication

From research conception and design, to publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to the communications of the research.

Our Work

We are nutrition scientists, educators and communicators that have expertise in conducting high quality research and translating it into practical and engaging messages. From nutrition publications to communication campaigns, our work is always independent and conducted with the highest scientific integrity.

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Our Difference

Our difference is the quality of our work – we are widely known for conducting research with scientific excellence, delivering high quality results to our clients, and communicating it in an innovative way. Founded in 2009, there is still nobody else like us in Australia.

Our team is highly skilled and respected in the nutrition community. We are published authors who understand industry needs and have close relationships with key health & wellness opinion leaders throughout Australia.

Our Services


Independent, high-quality research you can trust

Our research services include cross-sectional studies, clinical trials, qualitative and mixed methods research, secondary analyses of national survey data, data analyses, validation and development of dietary recall methodology, statistical analysis for nutrition research, conducting high quality systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis, health claim substantiations that meet FSANZ or TGA requirements, health economics and dietary modeling of nutritional intake.

Our research service leads to publications in peer-reviewed journals with high impact factors, when non-confidential.


Have your message communicated by the experts

We are experts in translating nutrition research into engaging, visual and easy-to-digest key messages. With this capability, you can increase the quality and efficiency of your campaign by engaging the researchers who have the expertise to accurately translate the science.

Our communication services include campaign strategy, presentations (conferences, webinars), symposia, digital campaigns, healthcare professional collaterals (presentations, brochures, research reports) and events.


Authentic, evidence-based and practical 

Our educational services include development and delivery of face-to-face, online, or blended professional development courses, workshops, and Masterclasses for multidisciplinary health professionals. Courses are tailored to the audience need, and may include live or recorded webinars, interactive online learning modules, practical hands-on workshops, live Q&A panels with experts, PowerPoint slides for presenters, facilitator/educator manuals, learner workbooks and resources, case-studies, practice-based assessment, immersive experiences, and interactive activities.

Our educational services are led by award winning course conveners and educators and engages leaders in the topic to develop expert and niche content.


Get the research answers that you need now, without committing to a project

Our scientific support service NUTRITIONiQ provides you with fast-paced research support when you don’t have the time, resources or technical skills to do it on your own. Whether you’re after an answer to an urgent research question, need research insights to inform your communication messages, or want to keep across the latest science, our NutritioniQ is available to give you the instant support that you need.

Our NutritioniQ services includes translation of scientific papers, setting up an ongoing research database, developing key messages from the science to inform communication campaigns, research support on policy submissions, health claim guidance and updates, identifying research gaps, and keeping you well informed on the latest research on a topic of your interest.

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Our Team

The diversity of our team’s highly qualified skill set ensures that we can conduct and excel on any research project related to nutrition and health, and communicate it in the most engaging and impactful way – with both our words, and our visuals.

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